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7 Helpful Tips on Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade for You ...

By Gillian

Choosing the right lipstick is actually a lot more tricky than some women like to believe. Like it or not, we cannot wear any color under the sun. With endless amount of shades, it's hard to know which one will actually compliment your skin tone. Ever see someone walking down the street and it just looks like they are trying to hard? Ya well this could be you if you don't put time and a little effort into choosing the right lipstick.

1 Determine Your Skin Tone

This is the most important step of choosing the right lipstick. I know a lot of women have a love/hate relationship with the lipstick aisle as it can sometimes be a daunting task to find the right shade. I am sure a lot of us already know our skin tone, but if not, take a look in the mirror. If you still aren't sure, go into a high end makeup shop like MAC and ask one of the workers. The sales associates are trained and can steer you in the right direction, telling whether you're olive or peaches and cream, or somewhere in between.

2 For Fair Skin

Like me, a lot of us have a fair complexion and find it hard to wear certain colors. I suggest that wearing coral reds and pinks are the best with this skin shade. If you wear a dark color with such a light skin shade, it is almost like they fight each other. You want your lipstick to accentuate your face not throw it out of proportion.

3 For Medium or Olive Skin

If you have a bit of an olive complexion or tanned skin, try wearing colors that will make you look tanned and balance out the olive undertone. I suggest darker pinks and cranberry shades, and also brick reds. Red is a lot of times the hardest color to nail down, but with a darker skin tone you are able to wear a bit of a darker shade.

4 For Dark Skin

Reds with burgundy or brown tones will accentuate ladies with darker skin. Anything with a bronze color as well will look stunning against the dark skin and really bring out the lips. During the summer time, darker skin tones are able to throw on a pink and look stunning as well, but just make sure it has a red or bronze undertone also.

5 Try before You Buy

Don't complain if you take a lipstick home and it isn't the right shade because you didn’t try it on. This is a must! You will never know how it looks if you don't test it first as a lot of the colors aren’t as strong as they seem to be. Of course you may not be able to try it on your lips, but use the trusty old back of the hand test. This will show you what it would look like without makeup as well, which is always a good sign as it is a true match to your face.

6 Your Hair Color Counts Too

If you have bright red hair, I wouldn't suggest wearing a bright red lipstick. This will swallow your face and make people confused! Make sure you wear something that compliments your eyes instead of loosing that feature between your hair and lips. If you have darker hair and fair complexion, lighter pinks will offset the contrast and make for a pretty but subtle accent.

7 Maintain

Once you have chosen the right color for you, you have to maintain it! Throughout the day, our lips see a lot of action (especially if you are lucky enough to be kissing frequently). Your lips will eventually look faded and become bland. Carry your lipstick on you or make sure you sit it on your desk so you remember to re apply after you had that tasty burrito for lunch!

Now that you've read my tips on choosing just the right shade, I hope the lipstick counter won't be as intimidating! Which of these tips do you find the most helpful? What shade is your favorite, and why?

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