Face Painting Ideas That Will Take Your Costume to a Whole New Level ...

By Eliza

Face Painting Ideas That Will Take Your Costume to a Whole New Level ...

Any costume is that much more fabulous when you add some epic face painting to it. No matter what you're dressing as, you can slap on some face paint and make it the best costume on the block. Face painting is super easy and you can go simple or totally elaborate. Here's all the Halloween face painting inspiration you're going to need.

1 Cute Deer

You're going to win the costume contest for sure with this face painting.

2 Dress as a Leopard

This looks fabulous and is surprisingly easy to do.

3 You're a Super Hero

Prove to everyone that you're a superhero with this look.

4 Creepy Cat

Want to scare people? This will do it!

5 Really Freaky Monster

Could you recreate this look?

6 Malificent

Look gorgeous in this face paint.

7 You'll Love This

Who would you scare with this face paint?

8 Do Something Totally Unique

If you want something different than anyone else, this is the face painting you need.

9 Broken

Isn't this fabulous for Halloween?

10 Sugar Skull

Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos with this fancy face painting.

11 Bright Pink Cheshire Cat

The colors are so awesome! What do you think of this look?

12 All Sewn up

You'll get all kinds of second looks when you paint your face like this.

13 Go Artistic

You'll turn some heads for sure when you do this.

14 Be a Tiger

Roar! Isn't this adorable?

15 Half and Half

Instead of doing a full face paint, check out how cool a half painted face looks.

16 Avatar

Love the Avatar movie? You'll adore this face painting.

17 Queen of Hearts

Isn't this beautiful?

18 Looking Creepy

This is the stuff that horror movies are made of.

19 Straight out of the Pages of a Comic Book

Star in your own comic book with this epic face paint.

20 Pocahontas

Harness your inner nature lover with this lovely costume.

21 Do Something Neon

Digging the neon trend? Try this look.

What are you dressing as for Halloween this year? Will you do face paint?

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