7 Fall Makeup Collections to Enhance Your Fall Wardrobe ...


It may seem as though summer just began, but fall is just around the corner and many fall makeup collections are being introduced. These fall makeup collections offer a variety of options to enhance your fall wardrobe. It’s never too early to start planning your look for the next season. Check out these fall makeup collections to enhance your fall wardrobe.

1. NARS Cosmetics Fall 2013 Collection

NARS Cosmetics Fall 2013 Collection

Of all the fall makeup collections I’ve seen so far, I think the NARS Cosmetics collection is my favorite! It features a variety of shades, particularly grays, blues, and purples—all of which I love! My favorite product from the collection is the limited edition La Paz Pure Matte Lipstick. It’s a beautiful orchid shade that will look beautiful on everyone, and I am so excited by its recent release!

Dior Fall 2013 Collection: Mystic Metallics
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