Forget Your Face: the Top Body Makeup Products ...

Body makeup goes unnoticed so often. However, it’s actually a great trick for the girl who bruises easily (I’m raising my hand at this point) or the girl who just likes to have a little extra glimmer and glow on her skin. No matter what attracts you to body makeup, these products will make body makeup your favorite part of your makeup routine—believe me! There are some products that will look great on your skin, some that will make application an absolute breeze, and some that are so sparkly they qualify as accessories themselves!

1. Urban Decay Naked Illuminating Shimmering Powder for Face and Body

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Urban Decay is basically known for its Naked makeup collection, so you know that this one is worth the money. I loved the glimmering sparkles in this bronzer. I think that it makes it the perfect body makeup for summer. We all chase that summer glow, but sometimes it’s just not even. This will fix that!

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