Must Have Makeup Products Every Woman Should Have in Her Beauty Bag ...


Must Have Makeup Products Every Woman Should Have in Her Beauty Bag ...
Must Have Makeup Products Every Woman Should Have in Her Beauty Bag ...

Whether you’re a girl who’s comfortable with minimum makeup or you need to figure out the basics to throw in your makeup bag for busy days, this article’s for you. There are numerous makeup products available, but these are the top 7 to help you look your best. They’re the basics you need to get you through your day. Whether you apply at home or on the go, these necessities are the ones you need in your makeup bag.

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eyebrow,face,nose,cheek,eyelash, Concealer is one of the makeup products you need in your bag. Most of us have some blemishes, spots or dark circles we’d rather keep hidden. A dab of concealer does that for you. There are several different forms and all can work beautifully. Choose your favorite and no one will be the wiser as to what you’re hiding.


A Powder Foundation

hair,face,eyebrow,blond,nose, Powder foundation is an amazing little product. It can do double duty, saving you time and money. I love the mineral powder foundation by Mary Kay; it’s just the right amount of coverage without having to spend a lot of time in order to look done. Of course, there are many brands you can choose from! The main goal is to find a product you love that offers coverage while keeping down shine.



hair,eyebrow,face,blond,nose, Blush is a wonderful way to give yourself a lovely flush. It usually looks best when it’s underdone versus overdone. There are several different kinds of blush you can choose from, but cream blush is a great choice to keep in your bag. No brush is required and you can blend it easily with your fingertips. It’s easier to build with than powder blush, too.


Eyebrow Product

eyebrow,face,nose,eye,brown, An eyebrow product is a must for your makeup bag. It can be a pencil, powder or gel. Whatever tames your brows and fills them in the best is what you’re looking for. Properly filled in eyebrows lend so much structure to your face. It’s been said they’re a frame for your face and that’s a spot on description.



hair,eyebrow,face,black hair,person, Eyeshadow is beautiful but when time is of the essence or you’re forced to choose, choose eyeliner over eyeshadow. Eyeliner defines your eyes and opens them up. It’s true that you need to be careful of smearing if there’s no eyeshadow base, but a quick swipe of powder foundation can help prevent that. For the most basic days, a bit of eyeliner can do a lot for your eyes. In fact, for some women, it’s the product they refuse to go without.



hair,face,eyebrow,black hair,brown, For me, mascara is the one product I must have. If you share in my blonde eyelash woes then you completely understand where I’m coming from. But whatever color your lashes are, mascara can definitely add that little something special to them. It emphasizes your eyes and brings that sparkle to them. Eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of your face so of course you want to give them special attention.



hair,human action,person,blond,nose, Lastly, lipstick can do wonders for you and should always be a staple in your bag. Lip gloss is fine if that’s your favorite lip product! The main idea is that you want to bring some color into your face by adding a lip product. If you’re really limited on room in your makeup bag then skip lip liner. Most of us can do much better than we think with lipstick or lip gloss only. I’ve been working on getting away from my dependence on lip liner recently and it’s not as nearly difficult as I thought.

These are 7 products every girl needs in her makeup bag. Now it’s your turn. What are the musts for your makeup bag?

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Powder foundation is only for oily skin.

Can do without full face of slap, but need my eyeliner

@joan it's Anastasia Beverly Hills. But it's not necessary unless you're a MUA who does it on a lot of people. Log you like the brow duo just buy one, you'd only use one anyway.

Mac fluid fix

Lipliner is a must for me, it defines and can make your lips appear bigger. Plus, if done correctly, it doubles as lipstick and the extra added bonus, it's very small and fits in any size makeup bag.

Any recommendations for concealer and primer ?

Oh nothing for eyebrows in my bag.

I can do without the eyeliner. I rather a golden shadow. Less harsh looking on the eyes. A smokey eye for a night out with eyeliner then maybe. But not a staple for my bag.

Would like to add an eyebrow brush/filler combo. Lancôme le crayon Poudre blends really well

Good foundation to cover freckles ?

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