How to Score Name-brand Makeup for Less for Girls Wanting to Look Good for Less ...


If you’re like most women, you love name brand makeup but you don’t like the price of it. While you can’t make the company lower the prices, there’re things you can do to get around them. It’s a great feeling to know you scored a bargain. These’re 7 ways to do that.

1. Watch for Specials and Sales

Even brand name makeup goes on sale. Ulta recently had “21 Days of Beauty” which was an amazing sale where each day had one or more name brand beauty product with the price slashed as much as 50%. That’s just one example of specials and sales you can find on name brand makeup. Keep your eyes open for them. Sign up for emails to keep you informed of upcoming sales events to your favorite stores and brands.

Consider Buying from EBay
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