The 21 Best Makeup Tools under $10 for Non-Spendy Chicks ...

Who wants to spend a fortune on makeup tools? I certainly don't. In fact, if something costs more than that, I usually seek out something less expensive instead. There's a certain truth to the idea that you get what you pay for, but there's no reason why you have to spend a month's pay on your makeup tools. Those that cost less are just as effective and can last just as long if you care for them properly. Don't believe me? Try these products and you'll change your mind.

1. E.l.f. Eye Crease Brush

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The e.l.f. brand is known for quality products that won't break the bank. This brush is proof.

2. Makeup Brush Holder

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Need a place to store your makeup brushes? This affordable holder is the answer you've been looking for.

3. Ecotools Mini Brushes

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These little brushes come in handy on the go and won't cost you hardly anything.

4. Foundation Brush

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This pink foundation brush will make application totally fast and easy.

5. Eye Shadow Brush

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Here's another e.l.f. essential you simply can't live without.

6. Ultimate Brush Set

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A full makeup set that is only a couple of dollars. Awesome!

7. Eye Color Brush

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Not only is this brush sleek and easy to use, but it's a cheap alternative to some of those pricey ones on store shelves.

8. Stippling Makeup Brush

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This brush works with liquid, powder and cream products so it's really worth it's price.

9. Rose Blotting Papers

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Do you get that greasy shine? Me too. These affordable papers are magical for treating the issue.

10. Concealer Makeup Brush

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This angled brush is perfect for covering spots and blemishes with concealer.

11. Colorful Brush Set

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Love rainbows? You'll love having this cute set of makeup brushes.

12. Powder Brush

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You'll love brushing on your powder when you have this great brush in your arsenal.

13. Dinosaur Blotting Paper

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Want something whimsical, but still effective? I think this product delivers just that.

14. Eye Defining Brush

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Getting perfectly contoured eyes will be so easy with this brush.

15. Bronzer Brush

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Bronzer gives you that healthy glow you crave and this brush makes it easy to get it on just right.

16. Blush Brush

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Swirl on your favorite pinky shade with ease when you have this awesome brush.

17. Mattifying Finish Makeup Brush

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Use this affordable brush to create that matte finish we all want when it comes to our makeup.

18. Essential Brush Set

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These handy brushes come with their own case so you can grab them and go anytime you need to.

19. Eyelash Curler

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No need to spend a ton of cash on an eyelash curler when you can get one for so cheap.

20. Compact Mirror

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Repair your makeup anywhere with this handy tool.

21. Brow Brush

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Use this dual sided brow brush to comb yours into submission anytime.

What's your favorite makeup tool? Are you going to add any of these to your makeup bag?

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