How to Choose Perfect Nude Lipsticks for Dark Skinned Beauties ...


I know firsthand that finding the perfect nude lipstick that works your skin tone is a real challenge! I can’t tell you how many times I bought a lipstick or gloss that looked amazing in the tube and once I put it on, it just totally washed out my face or looked terribly mismatched. Our natural lip colors are all different and then we have the skin tone we need to consider, too. Today, we’re focusing on the lovely ladies with dark complexions. So, if you have a dark skin tone and find yourself having a hard time finding the perfect nude color, keep on reading for some useful tips to choose the best nude lipstick and never buy a dud again!

1. Don’t Try to Match Your Exact Skin Tone

Rule number one: when it comes to nude lipsticks, avoid trying to match your skin tone to the lipstick. I realize this advice sounds completely counterintuitive because, with most beauty products, we’re trying to match as closely as possible. In this case, we’re looking for a lipstick that not only works with your lip color but your skin tone so you want to find a happy medium in between, not an exact match.

Don’t Trust Lipstick Names
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