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I say “spring clean,” but these methods actually apply anytime of the year. Cleaning out your make-up bag from time to time helps you get rid of products that are past their prime or that you no longer use. That leaves room for some great new products! If you feel overwhelmed when you open your cosmetics case, I’m coming to the rescue with some super easy tips that should help you get the job done in no time. You’ll feel so much better once you get this task finished so get started right now.

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Separate out the Products That Are Broken

Your first step is to go through everything in your make-up bag and set aside all the products that are broken. Don’t throw them away just yet though. If the product is one of your favorites and you usually use it all up, repair it by adding a bit of rubbing alcohol and pressing the product back together. If you are done with the color and won’t use it, then go ahead and throw it in the trash.


Sanitize Your Products to Prevent Bacterial Growth

Do you have eyeshadow palettes that contain a lot of colors? They should last long enough for you to use them all up, but they may start growing bacteria over time. To eliminate the problem, simply spritz them palette with sanitizer spray and allow it to dry. You can also do this with blush, bronzer and pressed powder.


Buy an All-Purpose Palette and Keep Your Products All in One Place

You can find universal color palettes at drugstores and make-up suppliers. Having one makes it easy to keep all the eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and other products contained in one convenient place. This makes it simple to take your look on the go and eliminates having to hunt through multiple compacts to find what you’re looking for.


Check the Expiration Dates on Your Make-up

When you buy new make-up, you should write the date on it somewhere. That way you know when it’s time to toss it and get a replacement. For example, mascara should be thrown away after three months. Go through your make-up and get rid of anything that’s past its prime.


Sharpen All Your Lip and Eye Pencils

Not only does sharpening your pencils keep them in top working order, but it also sanitizes them by getting rid of germs and bacteria on the lead. Use a good quality and very sharp sharpener to get the job done well. You can find them at drugstores and they should be replaced if they stop doing a good job.


Deep Clean All of Your Tools so They’re Clean and Sanitary

While you’re clearing out the clutter, deep clean all of your products. Wash your brushes with warm water and mild soap, then leave them to air dry. You can also wash your plastic tools with warm water and soap. You can also clean eye shadow applicators, but they aren’t expensive so you might also consider just throwing them away and buying new ones.


Now Wash the Actual Bag and You’re Done

While you wait for all of your products to dry, wash your make-up bag. Most of them can be tossed in the washing machine, but if yours is plastic or vinyl, wipe down the inside and outside with a disinfectant wipe to kill germs and remove debris and powder from your products.

Do you clean out your make-up stash on a regular basis? Will you start now that you know how to do it?

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That looks amazing I wish I had that In my room!!! :)

Thanks for the second tip- I would not have thought of that.

such great ideas ty

Ok sanitizer spray?? What kind & where can I get it usually?!?

Repressing products sometimes may mess with the quality of the product since your using alcohol. Such as repressing a baked powder product

Great ideas!!

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