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We’ve all done it. You’ve had a long day, it’s late and you’re exhausted. It isn’t that big of a deal, is it? It turns out that sleeping in your makeup is a really bad idea. An occasional night isn’t the end of the world but if it’s a regular habit then it could cause some serious issues.

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Your Risk Eyelash Breakage

I don’t know about you but I want every eyelash I have. I’m a total mascara queen so the thought of suffering from eyelash breakage is not a pleasant one. When you go to sleep with your makeup on, you’re putting your eyelashes at risk. When you’re wearing mascara, your eyelashes aren’t in their natural, soft state. They’re coated with a product that hardens them, making them prone to breakage.


You Can Experience Eye Irritation

It’s a really bad idea to sleep in eye makeup. In addition to eyelash breakage, you can experience eye irritation from particles of makeup entering your eyes while you sleep. That can end with a visit to your eye doctor when your eye irritation becomes an eye infection. If you’ve ever had an eye infection then you know how unpleasant they can be. If that isn’t bad enough, you have to trash all your eye makeup after an infection to prevent reoccurrence.


Your Pores Become Clogged

Acne sufferers, beware. Sleeping in your makeup causes your pores to become clogged and as a result, you have an acne flare up. This could be the culprit of those breakouts you experience from time to time. Washing your makeup off with cleanser and water is always best but for those nights when that isn’t possible, keep a box of makeup removing wipes by your bed. It isn’t quite as good as fully washing your face but it’s better than nothing and will hopefully prevent a breakout.


Your Lips Can Dry out

Lipstick is lovely. But it isn’t your friend if you sleep in it. It can dry your lips out, especially if it’s a long lasting formula. Worse than that, it can smear so you can wake up looking silly. It’s much better to force yourself to take the three minutes and remove your makeup.


Your Skin Has No Recovery Period

Your skin uses the time that you sleep as a recovery period. It renews itself while you’re in dreamland. It can’t do that if it’s caked in makeup. You’re risking tired, dull skin if you sleep in your makeup. Not to mention that your skin ages faster if it doesn’t get to take full advantage of your sleeping hours to renew itself.


You Ruin Your Pillowcases

Sister mascara lovers, this one’s for you. Sleeping in your makeup will ruin your pillowcases. All of your makeup can rub off onto your pillowcases but especially your mascara. And we all know how difficult mascara stains are to remove. You don’t want to ruin your pretty bedding, do you?


You Don’t Rest as Well

Lastly, you won’t rest as well when you sleep in your makeup. At least I know I don’t. There’s just something very relaxing about going to bed with your makeup properly removed. It’s one of those small pleasures in life, like sleeping on clean sheets. This is something good to remind yourself of when you’re tempted to sleep in your makeup.

These are 7 things that can happen when you sleep in your makeup. How often do you sleep in your makeup? Which one of these motivates you to wash it off?

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@lilyberp Omg ME TOO!

The only "makeup," I wear to bed is a moisturizer like coconut oil or a product containing Retinol-so my skin can repair itself overnight.

Totally true. When I sleep with my makeup on, I have to wake up even if it's 4 am, remove it, and go to sleep again. I just, can't.

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