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Makeup artist, Lauren Cosenza of broke down exactly how to perfect the gorgeous two-toned lip trend. Check out the simple and easy steps:

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Prep Your Lips

Apply lip balm over your lips and gently rub a clean disposable mascara wand over your lips to slough off any dead skin cells to prepare them for even lip color application.



Create a nude base for the lip color. To make vibrant lip colors pop, prime your lips first with the same foundation you normally use on your face.


Lip Liner

Line your mouth. Outline your pout with a bright, colored lip crayon that has long-lasting wear. Continue to fill in your lips, fading out the color toward the center of your lips.


The Effect

Create an ombrè effect. Place the tip of a long-wearing lip crayon inside the center of your lips and fade it into the other shade, creating a slight gradating effect.


Finishing Touch

Finish with a glossy stain. Give your lips that patent leather sheen by applying a dab of a glossy lip stain over the center of your lips. The shine in the middle of your mouth also gives the illusion of a fuller pout.

What do you think about the two-toned ombre lip trend? Have you worn it yet?

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I plan to try this tomorrow. However I'm thinking of skipping the gloss. I like a more matte look for the fall & winter seasons.

Instead of using gloss, I used a slightly shimmery colour in the centre

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