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I was never a huge fan of lip-color, until I tried wearing it once. It made such a difference in how fresh my face looked and how much foxier I felt! But I stuck to neutrals and quiet pinks and peaches for a long time. It took a while, but eventually I tried some bolder shades and now it’s not intimidating to wear berry lips or an orange pucker! Here’s how you too can rock the bold lipstick shades that scare you!

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Choose the Right Shade for Your Skin Tone

This step is crucial to making your lip color look good. If you grab the wrong hue and undertones for your skin, it won’t look nice and may scare you from trying again! If you’re pale, reach for bold and bright and dark shades on the lighter end of the spectrum. If you’re darker, you can go deeper and brighter with shades of lip color! Also, figure out whether you have cool or warm undertones and choose lipstick based on your own coloring.


The Rest of Your Makeup Should Always Be Minimal when Rocking Bold Lips

You don’t need a full-fledged face of makeup if you’re rocking hot pink lips! You’ll look too overdone and probably feel a little overdone too. Keep your makeup minimal when you have a bright lip. I like to wear a little blush to balance out the lipstick and some eyeliner to define my eyes.


Always Exfoliate and Prime Your Lips before Putting on Color

Chapped lips will not look cute with a dark lipstick shade on them! Exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm or lip primer before you put on your color of choice. A smooth canvas is a good start to any makeup look!


Blot Your Lips to Tone down the Color to Your Comfort Level

If you’re still too worried to wear that bold red you dream about, then try this trick: apply your lipstick, wait a moment or two and then blot your lips on tissue paper. Repeat this process 2-3 times, and end by blotting off as much as you want till you reach your desired shade. This will give the lipstick lasting power but with less of a pop of color. You can slowly work your way into wearing more layers without blotting them off if you like the lighter wash of color!


Wear Bold Lips around Your House before Going out to Build Your Confidence

If you’ve never worn anything but a nude lip before, wearing purple lips to your first day on the new job may not be such a good idea. To build your confidence and get used to seeing yourself with bold lips, wear them around the house while you clean up or do homework.


Never Forget to Wear Lip Liner with Dark Lips

Lip liner is not a thing of the past! If you’re wearing a dark or bright shade of lipstick, liner is practically a must to keep your color from running into the fine lines around your mouth. Make sure you match the liner exactly to your lipstick shade to keep the look current. Or you can wear a nude liner as well.


Keep Searching Till You Find the Perfect Shade and Formula That You Love

If you’ve tried several lipstick brands, formulas, and shades, and yet you still feel uncomfortable, don’t despair! There are many brands and colors on the market, so just keep looking. Ask for samples at department stores to try a wide variety!

Bold lips aren’t for the faint of heart, but you can still rock that red lipstick even if you are shy and quiet! These tips will help ease you out of your comfort zone. The good news is, it’s only lipstick and it washes off at the end of the day! Its time to break out of your shell and try those bold lipstick shades that scare you. Go for it!

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If you have never worn bold colors, and want to ease into it, start with just a little everyday and get bolder every week. Soon you can be as bright, bold, or dark as you want

Some women can pull off atypical non-traditional colors, but not me.

I agree! When I try a color that I might not be comfortable wearing it all at once I normally will mix it with another one that I am comfortable with so that way you can build your color confidence!

I've always wanted to try the vintage grey lip :)

I want to wear lipstick but I have big lips and get insecure about attention being drawn to them, I was bullied, but friends always say people would pay for lips like mine despite this the memory from the bullying takes control and no amount of nice comments overrules it. I want to be bold and try something new! Any suggestions? Like maybe start with a light subtle pink?

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