Makeup How-to: Two-Toned Ombre Lips ...

Makeup artist, Lauren Cosenza of broke down exactly how to perfect the gorgeous two-toned lip trend. Check out the simple and easy steps:

1. Prep Your Lips

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Apply lip balm over your lips and gently rub a clean disposable mascara wand over your lips to slough off any dead skin cells to prepare them for even lip color application.

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Create a nude base for the lip color. To make vibrant lip colors pop, prime your lips first with the same foundation you normally use on your face.

3. Lip Liner

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Line your mouth. Outline your pout with a bright, colored lip crayon that has long-lasting wear. Continue to fill in your lips, fading out the color toward the center of your lips.

4. The Effect

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Create an ombrรจ effect. Place the tip of a long-wearing lip crayon inside the center of your lips and fade it into the other shade, creating a slight gradating effect.

5. Finishing Touch

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Finish with a glossy stain. Give your lips that patent leather sheen by applying a dab of a glossy lip stain over the center of your lips. The shine in the middle of your mouth also gives the illusion of a fuller pout.

What do you think about the two-toned ombre lip trend? Have you worn it yet?

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