7 Makeup Tips for Pale Ladies ...

By Holly

Some women end up burning in the sun when they're trying to tan. If you're one of those people, then you should stop trying get golden skin and embrace your natural skin color. There's nothing wrong with being pale. It can look juts as gorgeous as any other skin color can. In order to make your color work with you rather than against you, here are a few makeup tips for pale ladies:

1 Wear Browns Instead of Blacks

Wear Browns Instead of Blacks We all love to wear black liner and shadow, but it can look too dark against pale skin. That's why you should change the shade of makeup that you commonly use. Browns are almost as dark as blacks, so you won't feel like you're making a major change.

2 Wear Bright Red Lips

Wear Bright Red Lips You don't have to stick to wearing light pinks and corals, just because you're pale. In fact, you can look stunning in bright red lipstick. Look at Taylor Swift. She has a fair complexion and she can rock red better than most women can. As long as you're careful not to get it on your teeth or smudge it onto your nose, you'll look gorgeous with dark lips.

3 Blend Your Blush

Blend Your Blush One of the biggest mistakes pale women make is overdoing it with their blush. Since they're naturally pale, they try to make up for it by throwing on dark blush to give themselves some color. However, too much color will either make you look sick or look like a clown. That's why you should stick to light shades and remember to blend it in, so that it doesn't look too vibrant.

4 Dont Wear Dark Bronzer

Dont Wear Dark Bronzer Some women try to hide the fact that they have pale skin by wearing dark bronzer on their faces. However, if your face looks like a completely different color that your neck and chest, you won't be fooling anyone. If you can't find a bronzer that looks similar to your skin tone, then you shouldn't be wearing it at all.

5 Avoid Cream and Ivory Eye Shadow

Avoid Cream and Ivory Eye Shadow There are certain eye shadows you want to stay away from. Even though you want to avoid wearing colors that are too dark, like black, you should also avoid colors that are too light. If you wear ivory or cream, you can end up looking washed out. Your makeup is supposed to enhance your look, so that's the last thing you want.

6 Use a Cream Foundation

Use a Cream Foundation If you've been using liquid or powder foundation, you might want to switch to using cream foundation. Why? Because the other two will dry out your skin. When you're fair, you don't want to look flaky, which is why cream foundation is your best bet.

7 Use Highlighter with Shimmery Undertones

Use Highlighter with Shimmery Undertones You don't have to use highlighter. However, if you're a fan of it and know how to use it, you should buy the type with shimmery undertones. Meanwhile, you should avoid buying golden or peach-toned highlighter. They'll clash with the color of your skin, which means you won't achieve the look you were going for.

It's time to embrace the skin you were born with! After all, you're beautiful just the way you are. What other makeup tips do you have for fellow pale ladies?

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