How to Deal with the Most Common Makeup Malfunctions ...

By Alicia

Makeup malfunctions can be really embarrassing. No one every plans to have them; they just happen. These’re the solutions for the most common makeup malfunctions. Whether you catch the problem before you leave home or when you’re already in public, you’ll know exactly what to do to fix it.

1 Foundation Lines

All of us are probably grimacing at the thought of this. Foundation lines are a makeup malfunction no one wants! If you notice that you’ve got this issue, don’t freak out. Dampen your fingertips to blend the lines away. For a more permanent solution, double check your foundation to make sure you’re wearing the right shade for your skin tone.

2 Too Light Concealer

This makeup malfunction isn’t one you hear too much about but it can be a problem. It happens when you use a concealer that’s too light on your undereye circles. Instead of concealing them, you’re actually drawing more attention to them. To see if you’ve got this makeup malfunction, look at some close up pictures of yourself. A luminous glow under your eyes is what you’re going for but patches of completely white skin isn’t. The solution is switching to a different concealer but until then, add a bit of powder on top.

3 Drawn on Eyebrows

Full eyebrows are in and most of us need a little help achieving them. Filling your eyebrows in is fine. In fact, it’s a good makeup choice to make. But harsh, penciled on eyebrows isn’t the way you want to go. Use soft strokes when filling in your brows and use a spoolie brush to blend any harsh lines away. Until you can purchase a spoolie bursh, use a Kleenex to soften lines up.

4 Not Blending Your Eyeshadow

You can create so many beautiful looks with eyeshadow. I love just thinking of different combinations I could use to create new looks. But you always want to blend the lines. Not blending them can leave you looking like a paint by number picture which isn’t a look anyone wants! If you notice you haven’t blended yours quite well enough and you don’t have a brush within easy reach, no worries. You can easily blend your eyeshadow with your fingers.

5 Applying Eyeliner Only on the Bottom

Eyeliner is a makeup product that really delivers dramatic impact to your eyes which is why we love it so. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to wear it. Never wear eyeliner only on the bottom. This pulls the eye down and makes your eye makeup look unbalanced. You can get away with wearing eyeliner on the top only or line both top and bottom.

6 Streaky Blush

Oh, streaky blush. One of the worst makeup malfunctions, wouldn’t you agree? This problem usually comes from not applying it evenly or from using a low quality blush. If you’re sure that your technique is on point then try changing your blush. I’m currently in love with my L’Oreal Visible Lift Cream Blush in Coral Lift.

7 Bleeding Lipstick

This’s more of a problem for some than others. If you’ve ever caught your lipstick sliding out off your lips then you need these solutions. Lip liner can stop lipstick from bleeding and hold it in place. Intimidated by lip liner? Try lip primer; it’ll be your new best friend.

These’re 7 common makeup malfunctions and some solutions for them. What makeup malfunction is your pet peeve? Share your thoughts!

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