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I’ve been wearing contacts for longer than I’ve been wearing makeup; so needless to say, I’ve learned how to work around my contacts when it comes to makeup. After countless eye doctor appointments and different samples of eye makeup, I think that I’ve finally found the code to wearing eye makeup without causing eye irritation or infections. Yes, it’s annoying that we even have to think about our eye makeup this much, but like I always say, it’s better than if I had to wear my glasses everywhere, and I’m sure you agree if you’re a dedicated contacts-wearer like I am!

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Always Go Waterproof

Chances are that you rub your eyes a lot when you wear your contacts. At the very least, your eyes are probably always watering. Half the time, you probably put on makeup and wonder why you even bother, because an hour later it’s all gone. To try to combat that, make sure that all of the eye makeup you purchase is waterproof.


Try Samples before Purchasing

There’s drugstore makeup that’s cheaper, and then there’s high-end makeup that’s much more expensive. In fact, sometimes you should probably consider taking out a loan to afford the stuff. If you’re looking for high-end makeup but don’t know how compatible it’s going to be with your contacts, ask the salespeople if they offer samples. It’s a great way to try and see how makeup will work with your contacts before fully committing to the purchase.


Wash Your Hands

If you’re someone who puts on her makeup before you put your contacts in (I’m guilty of this every once in a while, it sounds crazy but it’s possible!), make sure that your hands are super clean before you put your contacts in. You don’t want all of the bacteria that you were just touching on your face to make its way into your eyeballs!


Don’t Share Eye Makeup

It can be quite the struggle to explain to people why you can’t let them borrow your eye makeup for a few seconds, but it’s so important. If you have very sensitive eyes, sharing makeup can lead to sties and eye infections that could easily be avoided.


Try a Gel Liner

I spent so many years trying to find an eyeliner that would last all day, even when I was constantly rubbing my eyes and repositioning my contacts. I think I’ve finally cracked the code, though! Try a gel liner! It doesn’t rub off as easily as a pencil or crayon liner, but it’s also not as messy as liquid liner. It’s the perfect versatile liner for contact wearers!


Look for Hypoallergenic Makeup

If you can’t figure out how to wear eyeshadow without irritating your eyes, try looking for makeup that has “hypoallergenic” listed on it. You’d be surprised by how many different brands are hypoallergenic, and you’ll probably a notice a huge difference in both your eye’s health and your own comfort!


Don’t Go Too Heavy with Your Everyday Look

It’s okay to go crazy every once in a while, but if you have a lot of issues and irritation do to your contacts, look at your makeup routine. If you’re constantly wearing thick liner, tons of mascara, and a few different types of shadow, that may be the issue. A smoky eye may not be able to be your every day look. It sucks, but it’s better than wearing glasses every day, right?

What’s your go-to contact makeup tip? Give me the tips you’ve come up with since you started wearing contacts in the comments!

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Sleeping with make up on and with your contacts in, will also irritate your eyes. 😳

Can't be more agree! 👍🏻👍🏻

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