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Mascara is my absolute favorite makeup to wear and talk about so it’s a pleasure to write this for you! Let’s talk about what mascara does. It darkens, thickens and lengthens your lashes which brings attention to your beautiful eyes. These 7 steps can help you to find a mascara you love and have the secrets to making the most of it.

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Take a Close Look at Your Lashes

Before you go mascara shopping you need to take a close look at your lashes. Figuring out what you need your mascara to do is an important first step. Do you wish your lashes were longer? Do you want them to look thicker? Maybe you just need some help in the color department. Decide what you want your mascara to do for your lashes.


Choose a Color

Mascara comes in bold colors which can be fun. But most women choose to go for a dark color that could be their true lash color. Brown, brown-black, black, very black and blackest black are just a few examples of colors you can choose from when it comes to mascara. This’s a personal choice that’s completely up to you. Choose what you feel comfortable in. I’m a blonde but always go for blackest-black because I want my lashes to be a focal point.


Finish Your Other Eye Makeup First

Mascara is the last eye makeup you should apply. Always put on your eyeshadow and eyeliner first, if you wear either of those. If you apply mascara first then you’ll undoubtedly mess up your lashes. Powder from your eyeshadow can spill onto them, killing the effect you’re going for. Mascara should be the finishing touch.


Curl Your Lashes if They Need Lift

Some women are blessed with lashes that naturally curl. If you are then count your blessings! For the rest of us, curling is an important step in having the lovely lashes you’re dreaming of. You always want to curl your lashes before you apply mascara rather than afterward. Otherwise, you’ll remove part of it while you’re curling.


Coat Both Sides

One key to having gorgeous lashes is to coat them with mascara on both sides. Not doing this will keep you from having the full dramatic impact mascara gives. Start by coating the top side of your lashes. Close the eye you’re applying mascara to and coat it a couple of time before starting on the bottom side. This insures that your mascara will have a balanced look throughout.


Wiggle through then Layer

Everyone is going to have their own technique when it comes to mascara application. That’s okay. We’re all unique and know what works best for us. But it can be helpful to wiggle your mascara through your lashes first then layer it on a bit more gently. Wiggling your mascara wand through makes sure that you coat each and every lash. Consider trying this technique; it could become your favorite.


Mix and Match Mascaras

If you really want to see magic happen then here’s the secret. Use two different types of mascara. Apply your favorite one first and then use the other as a final coat. It’s good if they’re different formulas, such as one being for length and the other for volume. Combining them will give you a look that few women achieve.

I love talking mascara with you. What questions do you have when it comes to this makeup product? What’s your favorite mascara?

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Clinique and their brown natural mascara. I lost it about a week ago and literally cried. So I guess I'll she'll out another $20 to love my lashes again. The mascara is not waterproof tho so when swimming it kinda flakes of but does not run. I'm a swimmer and I rub my eyes between sets bc my goggles are too tight and I get a few flakes, but the mascara looks amazing

I love the covergirl lashblast. And also the l'oreal telescopic. They are both such amazing mascara's!!

Benefit They're Real ! Except it does run if you get your lashes wet or in the gym/pool !

Yes I use clinique too! What other brands are good? Buying a fresh tube very soon.

Lancôme hypnose drama is the best. I use a mascara primer b4 I apply my mascara. I get about 3-4 months out of it. It's a bit pricey but if it does dry out b4 the 3 month, I bring it back to exchange it. For $28 it better be good for a while!

I live by this mascara routine... BRAVO!!!

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