Makeup Looks Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence ...

The thing we all love about Jennifer Lawrence is that she doesn’t even try to pretend to be perfect. Remember when she fell up the stairs at that big awards night? She laughed it off instead of getting super embarrassed and we all love her more for it. She’s a normal, natural girl who isn’t afraid to let her fans see her when she’s less than perfect. For that reason, she’s inspired a bunch of makeup looks. And you know they’re going to be easy and trendy because that’s how she rolls.

1. She Isn’t Afraid to Go with Cheap Drugstore Brands

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Jennifer Lawrence can totally afford to wear the pricey makeup, but that doesn’t mean she does. You can bet that there are times when she’s wearing something that looks fabulous, but that only cost a couple bucks. Take a cue from her book and recreate the looks of big name stars using the lower cost items at your local drugstore.

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