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How Exactly do You Use Lash Primer?

By Eliza

You’ve probably heard of primer for your face or primer that will keep your eyeshadow in place all day long. Did you know that there’s also lash primer. Using it can totally revolutionize how your lashes look, even on the longest day you have to put in. While it’s pretty easy to use, it pays to get the expert tips so you can get the most out of it. Here’s how to use your lash primer for gorgeous eyelashes all day long.

1 Before You do Anything, Curl Your Lashes

You definitely want to curl your lashes before you put any products on them because it keeps the curler free of gunk and grime. Gently squeeze your upper lashes in the curler for several seconds, starting at the roots and working your way to the tips as you go. Don’t tug or pull on your lashes as you can tear them out, which hurts and leaves bare patches on your lids.

2 Brush on the Lash Primer, Making Sure to Get All Surfaces

Lash primer goes on much like mascara in that you use a wand with a brush to coat your lashes with the product. Make sure you hold the primer wand in such a way that you completely coat each and every lash on all sides. By doing this, you ensure that when you put on your mascara that it will adhere to your entire lash for a long-lasting look.

3 Wait 30 Seconds to Allow Your Lash Primer to Dry

The trick to getting the most out of any kind of primer is making sure it gets dry before you apply any product over the top of it. Allow at least 30 seconds for the primer to dry before you even attempt to apply mascara. Use the time to do your lips or grab a quick bite of your breakfast before you head out the door.

4 Apply a Single Coat of Mascara and Wait to See How It Looks

I usually never go with any less than two coats of mascara, but primer plumps your lashes and helps the mascara stick so you may only need one coat. Apply a single swipe of mascara and wait to see how it looks. You may not need any more for the office or a causal event.

5 Add a Second Coat of Mascara for a More Dramatic Look

One coat is probably just fine for everyday occasions, but if you are heading out for a night on the town, you can play up the drama that lash primer presents by adding another coat or two of mascara on top of the primer. You’ll get lush, thick lashes with tons of volume and you don’t even need to use falsies to get the look.

6 Don’t Be Afraid to Use Primer on Your Bottom Lashes Too

If you like to play up your lower lashes with mascara, you can use primer on them too. Some makeup experts say that you should only put mascara on your top lashes, but I don’t like that rule and always put it on my lower lashes too. Lash primer will help the product adhere to bottom lashes too.

7 Try a Two in One Product to Get the Job Done More Quickly

If you like double duty products and cutting down on the number of things you have in your cosmetics bag, look for a primer and mascara in one. You get the benefits of both, but only have to swipe on one product. Perfect!

Do you use lash primer? Go ahead and rave about it!

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