Perfectly Quick Beauty Products for when You're Running Late ...

It’s morning, your alarm didn’t go off, and you’ve got approximately five 5 ⃣ minutes to get ready. Do you jump out of bed, ignore the mirror, and hope for the best? Of course not, there are plenty of beauty products that can help cut your morning routine time in half so you even have enough time to whip up a coffee to go. Even if you’re not in a rush, these get-ready-quick beauty products are worth a look so you’re never caught unprepared!

1. Cleanse Your Face

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First 1 ⃣ things first, you can’t get ready with leftover makeup or excess oil on your face. If you have time to go through your regular skin care routine, by all means, do so. If not, you can always give your face a quick rinse or try using makeup wipes to clean things up before you start your condensed beauty routine. Kim Kardashian says she prefers Neutrogena’s Night Calming makeup wipes. Hey, if they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for me!
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