7 Time-Saving Must Have Makeup Tools ...

Must have makeup tools, those handy little things you can’t imagine doing your makeup without…they help you pull off amazing things in minutes, make experimenting much easier, give you that pro-looking finish without the mind blowing price that usually follows! Some of those great makeup tools, such as blush, eyeliner and eyebrow brushes, don’t need a long introduction and are pretty much the first thing a girl buys when she starts doing her makeup. Yet there are some that are just as important and definitely deserve their place in our makeup bags. They make us quicker, help us achieve better results and enable us to have great, flawlessly applied makeup even when we’re short in time. And here are some of those awesome must have makeup tools and products you shouldn’t ignore for much longer.

1. Eye Lash Applicator

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I absolutely love false lashes! And absolutely hate myself for not being able to use them like all of those talented girls doing YouTube tutorials. They make it seem so easy! Their false lashes seem to adhere on their own and their glue doesn’t get all over their fingers and eyelids! Go figure! Luckily, smart folks have invented one of those great new must have makeup tools that can help all of us false-lash-challenged girls do it right each and every time! I found mine at Sephora, although I’m sure this amazing piece of plastic could be found even cheaper, so check your favorite beauty supply shop for it and don’t second-guess your purchase! It’s one of those must-have makeup tools that will revolutionize your routine, helping you get the look you’ve always wanted in a heartbeat!

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