Pro Tips for Getting Natural Looking Makeup ...


Pro Tips for Getting Natural Looking Makeup ...
Pro Tips for Getting Natural Looking Makeup ...

In the age of Instagram models and Kardashians, almost every girl strives for that perfectly made up look. Tips for getting natural looking makeup is one of the most searched for terms on the Internet. I mean you can’t really blame a girl when every time she logs onto Instagram and hits the explore page, out come a thousand seemingly perfect women with their makeup done to a 10 and flawless thin bodies with big derrière’s.

Recently there’s been a surge of self-appreciation from women all over the world on different platforms of social media. From Instagram to Twitter, hundreds of thousands of women are embracing what the good Lord gave them. Flaunting their fresh faces and healthy fit bodies. Women, especially young adults, have been wearing less and less makeup or using the “no-makeup” makeup effect. It has been such a refreshing thing to see young girls embracing the natural beauty they have and slightly enhancing it with just a tad of BB cream. If you want to learn how to get a natural makeup look, keep reading.

Beauty brands such as Glossier, Bare Minerals, and Clinique pride themselves on natural beauty and have produced light, airy products to support that. The natural look is in because it is fast and simple, and most guys really dig it. You may think that a fresh face is strictly for young girls, but in all actuality, it’s universal for all women. Time and time again you hear people say how makeup makes you appear older. Well, it’s true. A fresh face on anyone gives the appearance of youth and vitality. Clinique has done a wonderful job of having a diverse cast of women in their advertisements to showcase that anyone can achieve this look.

So, how do you do it? Lucky for you it’s super easy and affordable!

First things first, your skin routine is the most important part. Your skincare regimen doesn’t have to be lengthy but it should consist of the basics which include: face wash, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. A good face mask once a week won’t hurt either.

Glossier is a new brand that mostly advertises for young girls and young adults but nonetheless works the same on us all. They provide praise-worthy products a light, non-cakey face powder that makes you feel as if you have nothing on your skin, a lightweight concealer that has the perfect amount of coverage for those dark under eye circles, and their infamous brow tint that darkens the hairs on your eyebrows for a more natural, but still polished look. Other brands offer similar products so experiment to find what works best for you.

Bare Minerals is also an extremely great brand for this look. Their products are affordable and trusted all around the world as they have been around for a while. Bare Minerals is famous mostly for their amazing mineral powder foundations which makes your skin look great and leaves an amazing finish. So, the key to this so called “natural” look is just a light or medium coverage concealer, a great BB cream or light/medium coverage foundation or powder, a little rouge on the cheeks, and a cute glossy pink lip or if you’re feeling daring, a bold red lip. Any matte lip will do if you are going out at night and liner and mascara are always optional for day or night. Just be sure to use a light stroke when applying liner and that your eyelashes don’t look like spider legs.

And that does it ladies! A simple, timely, affordable look that will never go out of style.

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