How to Slay at Shopping for Makeup ...


How to Slay at Shopping for Makeup ...
How to Slay at Shopping for Makeup ...

Shopping for makeup can be really fun, but it can also be stressful. Let’s be real, if you are anything like most of us here, you will pop out to buy a mascara and a lipstick, and end up spending three hours browsing the makeup aisles of your local store, falling in love with every product and not being able to decide between your favourite three or four of each different brand! It can be like being a kid in a candy store: you want everything, it all looks amazing, but you know that you need to whittle your choices down to those special chosen few. With so many different products and brands to choose from, the process can be really time consuming and confusing, so why not let me make it a little easier for you? Here is exactly how shopping for makeup should go.

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Arrive with a List

The best thing you can do before shopping for makeup is to make a list. You should always sit down at home and write a list of products that you need to buy before you even think about going to the store. If you reach those aisles with no list in hand or in mind, you are going to fall into the advertising traps and end up buying too much and spending too much! If you go with a certain number of goals in mind, it makes the process of browsing through the products much less daunting, because you are able to completely skip some sections and save time and money!


Fix a Budget

Give yourself a figure to play with, and commit to not going over that. If you don’t pay attention, the cost of a makeup haul can be more than a weekly grocery shop, and we don’t want that! Give yourself an extra £5 or so if you are feeling good about your monthly finances, but make sure that whatever combination of makeup you buy, the total cost does not exceed your decided budget.


Check Expiry Dates

Before you take your items to the cashier to pay for them, make sure that you check the expiry dates on everything. Depending on what batch you picked up, you could be doing yourself out of two or three weeks’ worth of use for no reason. Always sift through the shelves to ensure that the items you buy are the ones that are going to last the longest.


Bring Your Own Brushes

It makes sense to want to try out the products before you buy them, but if it makes sense for you, it makes sense for everyone else, and the result is hundreds of people using the same tester brushes! To avoid unwanted skin irritation or reaction, bring a couple of your own brushes from home to do your testing. It will save you having to spend more money on skin care products when you have a breakout!



Do a little background research on the products that you are planning on buying so that you know if you are being taken advantage of in the store. Some local shops tend to raise the prices on certain items, so there is no use buying it in person if you can purchase it for half the price online. Don’t let the store assistant bully you into buying all of the most expensive items.


Don’t Always Go Cheap

There is nothing wrong with picking up a cheap eyeliner or mascara here and there, but you don’t want all of the items in your collection to be budget options. A great makeup collection should feature a handful of prominent items that can be accompanied by lesser brands. The combination of the two is what makes for the perfect kit!

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