7 Things Make-up Artists Wish Their Clients Knew ...


7 Things Make-up Artists Wish Their Clients Knew ...
7 Things Make-up Artists Wish Their Clients Knew ...

If you ask me, make-up artists have a pretty cool job. They get to make women look and feel fabulous for all the important events in their life. However, there are many tips from makeup artists they wish you knew, there are lots of things they’d say. Instead of having to do all the legwork, I gathered some of the best tidbits together and will share them with you. So, even if you don’t know a make-up artist, you’re going to feel like you do after reading these tips from makeup artists they wish you knew.

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Make-up is Not a Miracle and Won’t Change Your Looks

Make-up is meant to enhance your looks, not change them. Whether that means making your eyes pop or adding drama to your lips, the cosmetics you choose can make you look and feel your best. In the end though, they won’t make you look like a different person. You can’t slap on some make-up and miraculously look like someone else. Sorry, ladies.


You Can’t Wear Any Color You Want

Of course, there’s something to be said for branching out and doing your own thing, but in general, not all colors will look good on all girls. Make-up artists choose their shades based on complexion, eye color and hair color. That’s why girls who are made up always look so fabulous. Find out what colors look best on you and stick with those.


You Need the Right Tools to Get the Job Done Right

Make-up artists are known for their huge array of brushes, gadgets and cases. There’s a reason they carry all that stuff around everywhere they go. Each tool is designed for a specific task and you can really take your look to the next level by stocking your make-up bag with the things you need. At the very least you need brushes for foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick.


It Doesn’t Have to Take Hours and Hours to Look Good

You can look completely made up without committing hours in the bathroom. It just takes a bit of practice to get the techniques and methods down so that you’re confident creating the look you love. That being said, you’ll have to put in some time practicing, which you can do when your schedule allows. Over time, you’ll be able to put on your entire face in mere minutes.


You Must Wear Primer to Keep Your Make-up in Place

All the best make-up artists will tell you that primer is a must. It helps create a clean palette for your make-up to adhere to. Apply it all over your face, including on your eyelids. It helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles so that make-up doesn’t settle there. Once you try it, you’ll never go back.


Use Highlighter to Change Your Face Shape

You can’t really change your face shape, but you can use highlighter to make its ultimate. Apply it along your cheekbones and brow bones to make things look the best they can. You can also put highlighter around your eyes to make them look wide and alert.


You’re Applying Your Eyeliner All Wrong

I’ve been doing it totally wrong my whole life. Instead of swiping from one side to the other, you should be starting at the outside corner of your eye and going toward the middle of your eye. Then start at the inside corner of your eye and apply the liner toward the middle to meet the other line. There – you’re done!

Have you learned anything valuable here today? What other tips can you add?

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I look androgynous when I don't wear makeup. Actually, my brother doesn't have very masculine features, so you could say we are practically twins if I don't have any makeup on. Scary. Makeup does so much more than one might think.

Hourglass does have a trial size primer to try.

Nothing enlightening

Why eye lining from one side to another is wrong??

Lol i always wear whatever colors i want except like a couple if theyre too pale and get concealer lips. But it works for me

Number 5 is false. I always use primer and my make up still comes off. I have oily skin but I am probably more oily when I use primer. I have tried all kinds

Number one is 100% wrong iv seen people become unrecognizable with makeup

1 is extremely debatable because it does

#1 is false makeup can change someone completely

Yay I was the 100th to repost

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