7 Reasons to Apply Lipliner First ...


7 Reasons to Apply Lipliner First ...
7 Reasons to Apply Lipliner First ...

Learning to apply lipliner and understanding why it's important can be tough! If you don't understand anything about applying lipliner or why you might need it, don't worry ladies, I've got the top 7 reason on why to apply lipliner at all! I promise, it is so worth the read!

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Keeps Lipstick on

For me, lipstick has always been a problem to wear because it is constantly is coming off. If you apply lipliner before you put on your favorite color, not only will your color stay on, but it'll keep your lips looking great! Below, I've got more details on how lipliner can boost your normal lipstick!


Keeps Lipstick from Bleeding

Lipstick has also been known to bleed all over your lips, so you end up with lipstick all over your mouth instead of just on your lips. When you apply lipliner, it'll stop all of that! Not only will you not see any bleeding, but your lipstick will stay on too!


Defines Lip Shape

One of the biggest things that lipliner can actually do for your lips is define your lip shape. If you have really full lips, lipliner will bring them out beautifully, if you have small lips, with lipliner you will notice a huge difference! Try it ladies, I swear it'll make all of the difference in the world!


Keeps Color from Fading

Remember when I mentioned that when you apply lipliner it actually helps keep your lipstick on? Well, it keeps the color immensely beautiful too! If your lipstick does fade, as long as your lipliner is the same color, it'll look like your lipstick and lip color never wears off! It's a great makeup trick!


Keep Neutral Colors

Whenever you are wearing lipliner, you always want to make sure that the lipliner actually matches whatever lipstick you are placing over it. That way, like I said before, if the lipstick comes off, you still have some color on. For me, whenever I am wearing some really neutral colors or even some bright pinks, applying my lipliner under the lipstick makes all of the difference!


Makes Your Lips Look Fuller

Not only will your lipliner define the shape of your lips, but remember when I said it would make them look fuller? It works! Instantly, after you apply lipliner, you'll see that your lips will perk out and look fuller!


Enhances Your Lipstick

Finally, lipliner was designed so that it could enhance any color lipstick that you have on. Lipliner works in conjunction with your lipstick to make your lips look deliciously appealing! Try it ladies, you'll never go back!

There are tons of different reasons why learning to apply lipliner is very important. If you've never learned to apply lipliner, why not start now? After all, these are 7 great ways that lipliner can enhance your lips! So ladies, what lipstick colors are you looking forward to this season? Name 'em off!

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