10 Tips on How to Apply Eye Makeup ...


10 Tips on How to Apply Eye Makeup ...
10 Tips on How to Apply Eye Makeup ...

How to apply eye makeup. While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re peering into your makeup pouch, I know it’s where I spend most of my face-time. Shadows, liners, mascaras, and more — it can be so overwhelming, and what if, heaven forbid, you do it wrong? No one wants to leave the house looking like a clown. But I can help! Here are 10 tips on how to apply eye makeup, perfect for beginners or for anyone looking for a brush-up or something new.

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Know Your Palette

Consider your skin tone, eye color, and even hair color when choosing a palette. There are a few basic rules to know, for instance that, to bring out green eyes, purples are a good choice, especially if you have a more olive complexion.


Get the Tools

If you’ve always wondered how the pros can apply eye makeup with so few mistakes, and with such marvelous results, consider that they have all the right tools. So you need to get the right tools, too! Invest in a few good brushes — and in good eye makeup and makeup remover, too!


Use a Primer

Here’s another protip most of us don’t think about: primer. If you’ve finally figured out how to apply eye makeup, but are frustrated that it just doesn’t last long, then try a good primer as a first layer. Urban Decay makes a GREAT one.


Apply with a Light Hand, in Layers

Here’s something else I picked up at the MAC store: always apply eye makeup with a light hand, and apply in layers, rather than just glopping on a thick layer and wondering why you don’t have the look you want. You’ll also find that you’re making fewer mistakes if you’re using a light, even touch.


Don’t Forget the Liner and Mascara

Why is that we always forget there’s more to eye makeup than just shadow? Don’t forget the polished, wide-eyed look a good liner and layer of mascara can add. And they’re really fun to play with — have you ever tried blue mascara? Fun!


Groom Your Brows

I can’t tell you how many gorgeous eye makeup looks have been ruined by poorly groomed brows. Before you begin applying makeup, be sure your brows are groomed… and don’t wait til the last minute to tweeze or wax, either, because your brow line will be tender and red and swollen, which doesn’t make for a good foundation for eye makeup.


Have a Routine

I have two routines when I think about how to apply eye makeup. There’s my everyday routine (tweeze, line, mascara) and my fancy night out routine (much more complex). Play around with eye makeup and figure out a set of at least routines that works for you, and stick to them! You’ll save time, and effort, if you have a routine for when you’re rushed, and a night out routine to fall back on when you’re just not feeling creative.


Don’t Rush

When you’re wondering how to apply makeup, chances are, you’re getting ready for a night out type of event. Don’t rush yourself, or you might make a mistake that means you’ll have to start over again! Take your time. Enjoy it! This is fun, especially when you don’t have to make multiple goes.



Have some time to kill? Break out your makeup pouch and figure out new ways of how to apply eye makeup! Watch some tutorials on the MAC website or on YouTube or just let your own creative juices flow. Perhaps this is why the name “palette” is used for fine artists as well as makeup artists!


Have Fun!

While some of us think applying makeup is a chore, I think doing eye makeup is fun! It’s especially fun to experiment on yourself, or better yet, on a friend! Host an eye makeup party (but don’t share the makeup), and make it a girls’ night in!

Now that you’ve skimmed my tips on how to apply eye makeup, do you feel a little more confident? I hope so! Applying eye makeup can be fun, so don’t’ be afraid to play with it… and what’s the worst that can happen? If you make a mistake and hate the look, just use some eye makeup remover and move on! Which of these tips on how to apply eye makeup do you use? Or is there another eye makeup tip you have to share? Let me know!

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That is an awesome eye look!

what kind of makeup should i use if i have like greenish-gry blue eyes and blonde hair....

I don't have the makeup all over under my eye problem, but how do I fix my eye shadow clumping into a line on my lid?

I always enjoy reading your tips! :)

Hey! I have brown hair and blue eyes - does anyone have some eyeshadow-tips like what color may fit the best for me? I'm not used to wear eyeshadow, but I want to have a natural and everyday look, if you know what I mean. I will be so happy if somebody have any tips for me! :)

i liked it whtever comments r made!! thanks to all !!

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