11 Ways to Keep Your Eyeliner from Running ...

Looking for ways to keep your eyeliner from running? Eyeliner is one of my favorite makeup items to wear, but I often find that it runs by the end of the day if I don’t take steps to prevent it. If you would like to know a few ways to keep your eyeliner from running, then keep on reading! These are my own tried and true tips that really work, and you don’t have to use them all at once. Just pick one that works for you, or if you feel like trying them all, go for it!

1. Use a Good Brand of Eyeliner

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Something you can do to keep your eyeliner from running is pay attention to the brand of your liner! If you can afford a higher end brand, then go for it. But if you need to stick to drugstore brands, try to steer clear of brands like NYC, LA Colors, or LoveMyEyes, as these tend to be cheaper.

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