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7 Reasons to Love Matte Lipsticks ...

By Jelena

Coming up with a huge list of undeniable reasons to love matte lipsticks is such an easy task when you’re a fan. If you happen to love them, you definitely know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, well…you’re about to! Matte formulas might feel a bit weird or a bit drying at first but they come with some pretty great perks you could definitely love. And if you’re still contemplating giving them a go, these following reasons to love matte lipsticks ought to convince you to “bite the bullet” and treat yourself with something new in the New Year:

1 They’re Easy to Wear

One of my top reasons to love matte lipsticks is definitely the way in which they wear. And, trust me, if you’re not a fan of the sticky lip goop and tend to avoid lipsticks and glosses for that very same reason, you’ll definitely love the matte formula. It glides on effortlessly, feels amazing and makes you look like you’ve really tried to look your best even when you’re not putting a lot of effort.

2 They Make Overlining Easy

Overlining your lips to create that perfect Kylie Jenner-like pout is super easy when you’re using a matte lipstick. There’s no extra shine to make your natural lipline stand out and it actually looks quite natural even outside the virtual world of Instagram and Twitter. I’m pretty sure pros can do that with just any lipstick but if you’re a newbie hoping to cheat your way to a fuller looking lip without looking like you’ve had your mug stuck in a jam jar, matte is the way to go.

3 They Don’t Run or Transfer Easily

Rocking a bold lip on a less than a special day is so easy when you have a matte lipstick in your collection! They tend to be a bit on the dry side which makes them less likely to bleed, smudge or transfer. Simply apply and reapply if needed and don’t worry about it bleeding into that fine lines and creating a mess.

4 They Look Super Glamorous

Plush, sultry, glam – a vampy matte lip is epitome of style! It’s a Vogue front cover material just as much as the ultra glossy lip albeit much more wearable and way easier to nail to perfection even when you don’t have a pro MUA at your disposal.

5 They Are Easily Customizable

A matte lipstick isn’t only a perfect product as it is - it’s a great base as well! You can gloss it up to full shine in a heartbeat, add just a dab of gloss to the center of your lips or simply layer another lipstick formula over it to achieve an entirely different finish. Super easy and super versatile, now try saying NO to that!

6 They Look Natural

Opt for a subtle, natural lip color and no one will be able to tell you’re actually wearing any lipstick. It’s a perfect no-makeup makeup material you must have in your collection, girlie! From casual dates and strict working environments to business interviews and even school – a girl definitely needs a lip color she can wear even when she isn’t supposed to. Isn’t that one great reason to hit your favorite makeup counter ASAP?

7 They Are Trendy

Last but not least – if you love a certain trend, you should definitely ride the heck out of it! Makeup is all about having fun, perfecting skills, learning what works best and experimenting with different popular looks. Experiment, try everything that catches your interest and who knows… you just may fall hard for these lipsticks, just as I did.

Does this make you want to try mattes for size, or what? Give them a try and if you happen to come up with even more reasons to rave about these beauties, I definitely want to know about it!

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