8 Smooth Cream Blushes ...

Easy to apply, easy to blend and oh-so-natural-looking – smooth cream blushes probably aren’t the invention you’ll get to read about in history books so mentioning them now seems like a fair thing to do. Powder and cake blushes then to wear out but their creamy, long lasting versions won’t let you down! So the only thing left to do now is find the shade that fits you perfectly and, in order to help you do that, I’ve compiled a list of 8 fab smooth cream blushes that are going to help you look fresh all day and every day!

1. NARS Cream Blush

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Price: $27.00 at sephora.com
Non-greasy and impossible to overdo- Well, that just seems like a dream come true although I know a few girls that are very capable of overdoing EVERY blush. LOL! I absolutely adore this sexy shade and oh, just think about how good it must look on bronzed skin!

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