7 Spring Makeup Trends That Every Woman Can Follow ...

Seeing the spring makeup trends each year on the runway is always so exciting. Often, the looks are very vivid and meant to make an impact. Sometimes, they are so dramatic that it seems like it would be impossible for anyone to wear the makeup, and this year the bold dramatic looks make the makeup seem exceptionally difficult to wear. However, the edgy spring makeup trends are surprisingly easy to follow, especially those included in this list.

1. Orange Lipstick

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When it comes to lipstick I tend to shy away from anything outside of my traditional berry color. Yet, the orange lipstick that is in style this spring is a trend I will definitely try. It has a very fun and tropical look that I just love. You don’t have to stick to the neon orange lipstick that was shown on the runways. You can wear any shade in the orange family. Fair skinned ladies should probably stick to muted tones, while ladies with darker complexions can wear more vibrant shades. If you are not quite sure about wearing orange lipstick, there are plenty of other spring makeup trends to try.

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