7 Tips on How to Wear Purple Lipstick like a Pro ...

How to wear purple lipstick is a question most women tend to seek an answer to at some point. Because hey, that’s purple lipstick we’re talking about – super sexy, super edgy, super chic yet, unfortunately, super difficult to incorporate in most non-red carpet looks. Right? Well, let’s discuss some tips for wearing purple lipstick that really ought to come handy now, with just two short months before the holiday madness kicks in. You may get the urge to experiment with different looks now that the seasons have changed and these following tips on how to wear purple lipstick might inspire you to give vamp makeup a go:

1. Make It Work with Your Skin Tone

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The most important of all of the tips on how to wear purple lipstick is to really take your time choosing a color that works best for your skin tone. There are purples and purples, after all, and while some give you the urge to swear off lipsticks for good, other will look great on you. Ladies with warm skin tones will probably look better wearing a lipstick that walks that fine line between a red and a purple, while ladies with cool skin tones can take their pick amongst tons of cooler purples.

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