8 Super Glamorous Makeup Looks to Rock This Holiday Season ...


8 Super Glamorous Makeup Looks to Rock This Holiday Season ...
8 Super Glamorous Makeup Looks to Rock This Holiday Season ...

Makeup looks for holiday get to be a bit glitzier and bit more avant-garde than our regular everyday makeup and that’s of those very special reasons for which I love winter holidays! But hey, let’s not forget the fact that we can even bend the rules a bit when creating a perfect festive makeup look. Bold eyes, bold lips, glittery dust and the best thing about it is that, if you do it right, you don’t even have to pick just one! Seriously, how cool is that? Now, I know that makeup usually comes last and that we often don’t even think about it until it’s time to plaster it on, dress up and rush out, which is why I’m sure this handy list of video tutorials will come handy at this particular moment! Check them out now because this is the perfect time to pick amazing makeup for Christmas as well as a New Year’s Eve party look that won’t go unnoticed!

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Maroon Lips and Smoky Eyes

Yes, yes and yes! Holiday season is one of those rare occasions in which you do get to make everything pop! Big, sexy eyes – checked! Lush, bold lips –checked! Trendy colors – checked! Don’t know about you but this definitely needs to go on my list of best makeup looks for holiday to experiment with before the big day! Take a peek, I’m sure you’re going to love it! And that handy eye widening trick is absolutely fantastic!


Classic Glam

Not sure about the dark on dark combo? No problem – classic glam is a fool proof festive makeup look you can go for and look fab even if you don’t have a lot of time for experimenting. Set the bar even higher this year with this amazing classically beautiful yet just a tad bit different idea and let the year end with nothing less than tons of compliments! Yes, velvety, low-lighted lips, seriously runway-worthy eyeliner and flawless satiny skin really do spell perfection.


Golden Lady

Say yes to festive glitz and be the bell of the ball this Christmas or New Year’s Eve! Seriously, ladies, how can we even discuss holiday makeup without mentioning glitter as well as gold, silver and all shades of green? And here’s a makeup look for holidays you won’t be able to resist! Glamorous, sparkly gold mixed with some reddish smoky effect, neatly lined cat-eye and nude sure looks like a holiday no-brainer, doesn’t it?


Silver, Green and Red

Now that we’ve mentioned sparkles – here’s another great makeup look for holidays you may want to experiment with! Extraordinary time of the year deserves extraordinary eye makeup and this shading technique, my ladies, is guaranteed to make your eyes pop! Pair your fabulous pair op peepers with neutral, glazed but not sparkly lips and you’re all set!


Egyptian-like Black and Gold Look

Extraordinary? We have yet to see extraordinary and this super talented makeup artist is definitely ready to do some show and tell! Well, show rather than tell but that’s okay because that’s all we need in order to try to recreate this look for the holidays! Totally amazing, isn’t it?


Naughty or Nice?

Have you been a naughty girl this year or a poster girl for nice? Well, one thing is for sure- if you choose this look to end the year with, I can definitely see you’ve done your fashion-related homework! Popular color plus all the glitz plus an ultra sexy, smoky effect equals a perfect party look and, I don’t know exactly why, but to me, it looks like a perfect match for a trendy, velvet outfit! What do you think?


Classy Gold

Yeah, I’m a sucker for gold and sparkles! But hey, how many times a year do we get to use all those wonderful shimmery products? Well, time to put them into a good use and get busy creating this trendy, festive, totally glamorous look! Don’t forget lush burgundy lips either!


Winter Greens

And last but definitely not the least bit interesting – a fantastic winter green and glam gold makeup look that’s going to make your head spin! Or make everyone else’s heads spin complete with the jaw drop, tongue sticking out thing! Yes, a definite holiday DO, especially if you’re planning on toning it down in the lipstick department. Take a look and see for yourself.

Ah, so many festive make up looks to choose from! Thank God for both Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties! But hey, there’s also old calendar orthodox Christmas and Chinese New Year – just in case you can’t possibly pick only two! Lol! But, tell me, what are you going to be wearing and how do you plan to do your makeup for the holidays?

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