8 Amazing Color Palette Makeup Pieces for Spring ...


8 Amazing Color Palette Makeup Pieces for Spring ...
8 Amazing Color Palette Makeup Pieces for Spring ...

Color palette makeup goodness has never been more tempting than these past couple of seasons and the spring, obviously, won’t prove to be any more merciful to our wallets! An ideal color palette makeup box for spring 2013 is everything you imagined it would be – it’s fresh, it’s chic, classy, neutral for day, vamp for night, each little perfectly designed box a guilty pleasure even the toughest budgetistas won’t be able to resist. Today’s post won’t help you take control of your cravings either, as I’m about the review my favorite makeup palettes for spring. Do take a peek, you know you want to.

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Dior Cherie Bow

Dior palettes are the ultimate temptation and, yes, you’ll be happy to know that we have another clutch-like color palette makeup solution to add to our spring wish lists! Christian Dior’s favorite pick me up, an iconic Dior bow is this year’s theme, making this palette a collector-worthy item as well as a beautyholic’s guilty pleasure! Don’t be fooled by the sugary exterior, though, there’s a much more chic ensemble waiting for that pearl clasp to be released! Fresh pale pink, two shades of grey, a black liner and a sheer pink gloss – a classic spring look waiting to happen! This palette retails for $80 which is quite a bit, but is definitely a step in a different direction comparing to other clutch-palettes House of Dior has tempted us with over the years! Not to mention the fabulous contents which, although basic, really are everything you need to have in your bag for on the go touch-ups!


NYX Love in Florence

But maybe you don’t feel like getting sucked into the high end brand vortex again and getting stuck with yet another overly expensive palette to look cute while collecting dust? Well, I’m totally with you on that one! Why not give NYX’s Love in Florence range of makeup palettes for spring a go? Take your pick between 10 (yes, 10!) shades to complete your spring look with and fear not, as each palette contains 5 matte and shimmery, pale and dark eye shadows for your inner makeup artist to play with! Everything a girl needs just a bow-shaped clasp click away – how awesome is that? Retailing at only $8 a pop, these fantastic-looking palettes leave you no excuses to curb those makeup cravings!


Chanel Raffinement Palette

Oh-la-la! Well, hope you didn’t expect something crazy from Chanel this year because that’s exactly what this brand is not about! Do welcome the standard, well-known black case containing what could easily be the best spring palette for warm complexions ever! Luminous rosy beige, golden peach and taupe brown are perfect for a fresh, natural everyday look while the fourth and darkest, sort of a cinnamon brown, really looks evening-ready. Classic and foolproof is always the right choice for an eye shadow palette! At least in my book! And if I am to pay $58 for it, I’d definitely go for the universally useful rather than trendy colors I won’t use enough to get an acceptable payoff.


Too Faced Boudoir Eye Palette

Composed of nine shades grouped in three basic categories, Too Faced Boudoir makeup palette for spring is designed to help you look your best in every occasion, even if “experienced” is totally not the word to describe your relationship with makeup. Three basic looks titled “Day,” “Classic,” and “Fashion,” a step-by-step guide on what goes where and tons of alternative looks for all of you experienced gals – I’d say this palette is worth checking out! Not a classic brown shade in sight, either, which is great if you already have a brown-toned palette and are not interested in doubling colors. You’ll get a pretty good choice of pinks, sand, taupe, steel colors and even a slightly shimmery, heavily pigmented black for the ultimately sexy, smoky eye look! Estimated wallet damage? Thirsty six dollars flat! Not a lot considering the fact that you’ll be getting all the basic shades a girl could possibly need!


Estee Lauder Pretty Naughty Eye Shadow Palette

Pastels - what better way to truly let the spring time into your makeup bag! But seriously, this eye shadow quint definitely screams spring! We’ve got this pale pastel-y aqua blue, cotton candy pink, soft violet, sort of like a coppery maybe even sienna brown and a deep charcoal gray. A lovely choice for a girl who has everything…a great gift, too! The only downside to this eye shadow palette is its cool tone and the fact that it might not be the most foolproof choice for warmer complexions. My advice would be to swatch it before you make the purchase. These pretty pastels certainly aren’t a must-have basic, true, but a girl can always find a way to justify a $48 purchase! If you like them and believe they’ll be of great use to you, go for it!


Clarins Eye Quartet Violet

Glamorous, chic, luxurious – I’m not a die hard Clarins fan but I must admit this is one of the better makeup palettes for spring and one of those things that could make you feel like you’re missing on great stuff for not being loyal to this particular brand. The palette does have a cool feel to it but steers clear of pastels, offering a luxurious-looking deep violet, intense black to be used as a liner as well as a shimmery white highlighter and a chic taupe shade with just a hint of green to make it more unique! Love at first sight! Plus, I believe these particular shades could work wonders for both cool and warm complexions! Get it before it’s gone! This fantastic palette costs about $40 and is a limited edition item you might have a lot of trouble finding later on!


Urban Decay Ammo Palette

All of your favorite Urban Decay colors, revamped and better than ever, plus a Primer Potion and we all know those things never go wasted! But why buy this old-new issue and forsake all of those other great makeup palettes for spring? Well, a die hard UD fan would certainly know the answer to that question – a new, improved formula that will help you enjoy your favorites even more! Not an Urban Decay fan? Well, this palette will make you become one! Ten bestselling, improved shades ideal for round the clock wear! Look this baby up in Sephora and worry not – the price tag of $34 won’t burn a hole in your budget (especially given the number and usefulness of shades you’re getting in it), yet is still high enough to be considered a bit of a splurge.


Nars the Happening Spring Cheek and Eye Color

Oh my, don’t you just love limited edition pieces? Well, there might still be time to grab this beauty! It’s already out there in the US and Japan and should be right around the corner (or fresh out) in Europe. It features four amazing eye shadows as well as a bronzer and a blush! The choice of colors looks like a warm complexion favorite to me, although you will want to check it out even if your complexion is cool, as it may easily be one of those universally flattering sets you’ll see (or read) tons of completely different people raving about! Less expensive than Dior but still significantly costly, this limited edition item will make your wallet $65 lighter! But hey… if the shoe fits…

Which of these makeup palettes for spring do you like the most? I’d sooo love to get my hands on all of them!

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Can anyone tell me what the pink balls in liquid are in the top cover picture?!?

Should have had photos! Doesn't make sense not too!

Urban decay

Pictures please !!

Urban decay and Christian Dior are the best shadows of all ! Lots of pigment stay on all day and into the night!

Too faced has amazing eye pallets !

I was expecting to see pictures of the colors...

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