The Beauty Tip Jennifer Garner Swears by ...


Jennifer Garner is a beautiful woman. That's why Just Jared asked her about her favorite beauty tip of all time.

Her answer? β€œThere was a makeup artist named Paul Starr who I worked with for many years, and he told me to learn how to do one thing and get comfortable with it. If I get a palette of eye colors, I have no idea what to do with it. I know something goes in the crease, but it just makes no sense. So if I really need to put makeup on myself, I do the cat eye that Paul used on me, and I don’t worry about the rest."

What's your favorite beauty tip of all time?

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Oh she starred in 13 going on 30 thirty flirty and thriving ohhh I love Jennifer Garner

I love 13 Going on 30 Wendy! She's awesome!

Learn how to do one thing, and get comfortable with it! JG nailed itπŸ”¨

Warming mascara under my armpit or in my bra, makes it look so much better

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