The Secret Process to Make Your Makeup Last All Day ...


The Secret Process to Make Your Makeup Last All Day ...
The Secret Process to Make Your Makeup Last All Day ...

If you are someone who wears makeup on a regular basis, then you will definitely be able to empathise with my struggle of not being able to get through the day with it still on my face the way that I intended it! Your days can be very busy and active, and that can often mean that your makeup starts to fall and fade much earlier than your schedule does! Because of this, I’m sure you are used to topping up and reapplying throughout the day, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. Here is a secret process to make your makeup last all day!

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Don’t just focus on makeup, make sure that you have an excellent skincare base to begin with. Moisturising before putting on any other products will help to stop your skin from overproducing oil and literally eating your foundation over the course of a day.


Extra Prime Time

Paying particular attention to the quality of your primer is always an effective way to her hours more life out of your makeup in a day. Spend a little extra money on one that is labelled as being water resistant, because this will come in extremely handy if you are prone to sweating or love in a climate that is particularly humid and moist.


Foundation Choice

You really need to choose your foundation wisely. They are not all created equal like we might like to think! Make the effort to find one that suits your skin tone, type, complexion chemistry and texture, and it will provide you with a much more suitable and strong base for long-lasting makeup. In the summer month’s especially, try to use one lightweight formula that won’t suffocate your skin and cause excess oils and sweating.


Layer Creams and Powders

If you are constructing something to last, you are going to do it layers, so that same method should be applied to makeup! Rather than just doing one then the other, do a few light layers of cream and powder and it will significantly improve the longevity and rigidity of your makeup. The two combined together make for a much stronger base from which to build your look!


Set Your Makeup

Finish off with a good setting spray. This will lock all your layers of makeup together. It will give your makeup a more natural, blended finish and be the final touch that will help your makeup stay looking fresh all day.

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