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Well, most of us can officially say that summer is on its way. The days are getting longer and the temperature is getting hotter. With that comes all your best trends for summertime beauty and make-up. Just like with clothing, make-up tends follow a pattern in what’s hot and what isn’t. If you like to keep up with the latest, you are probably wondering what colors you should be wearing this summer. You’re in luck! Here they are!

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Go Bold with a Couple of Coats of Purple Lipstick

Go Bold with a Couple of Coats of Purple Lipstick Yes, you totally read that right. Summertime gives you the chance to try out bright, fun colors. This year, runway models have been sporting purple on their lips. I’m not talking crayon purple, but more reddish-purple shades that are just a short jump away from the ever classic bright red. You definitely want to experiment with purple lipstick so you can get a hue that’s perfect for your skin tone.


Pretend You’re at the Beach with Mermaid Blue

Pretend You’re at the Beach with Mermaid Blue Here’s a color that you can wear in a variety of ways. It’s ultra popular on your nails and gives you a dose of great blue/turquoise right at your fingertips. If you want to try something bold and trendy, wear mermaid blue eyeshadow. You don’t need it all over your lid though. Use it to highlight or line your lids and you’re good to go.


Get Girly with Purple-Pinks

Get Girly with Purple-Pinks There’s pink and there’s purple, but when you put the two together, you get beautiful music. This summer, wearing purple-pink eyeshadow is a must. It gives you a great pop of color on your lids and brings out your eyes. You can also try the shade as a blush color or lip stain. No matter how you do it, you are going to love this shade all summer long.


Be Daring and Go a Little Nude

Be Daring and Go a Little Nude It’s not what you think. You should definitely stay clothed all summer. However, you can incorporate nude shades in many aspects of your beauty routine with great success. Nude lipstick or nude nail polish are two easy ways to give it a try. Nude shades also work for highlighting your eyes and cheeks. You are going to fall in love with nude make-up this summer!


Glam Things up with a Bright Magenta

Glam Things up with a Bright Magenta If you choose magenta this summer, it’s best to go for a lipstick in the hue. It’s pretty intense and might be too much for eyelids or cheeks. However, it will give you a great dose of confidence when you wear it on your lips. Experts say to hydrate your lips well first so the color stays put.


Get Juicy with Bright Orange

Get Juicy with Bright Orange This is actually more a red-orange, but it’s great for lips. It will give you a daring and bold look that will be perfect for any outfit you want to wear this summer. You will also love wearing orange on your finger and toenails. I’m really digging this bright clementine color right now and I can’t stop wearing it.


Make a Big Statement by Wearing Chartreuse

Make a Big Statement by Wearing Chartreuse This yellow-green shade is just the right dose of fun and quirk for your best nail art patterns. I don’t think it’s trending as face make-up, but if you look at the nail polish displays at your favorite drugstore, it’s easy to see that it’s a hot shade for summertime nails. If you want to make a statement, chartreuse nail polish is the way to get it done.

Which color will you try this summer? I’m dying to try the purple lipstick!

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I'm into this article; I dig Orange red. However, the pic of the model wearing that Orange red looks like trash trippin on some stuff in the 70s. Any other picture would've been suited better for this look. I'm all about the purple lip and purple-pink!

Love the mermaid blue nail polish

I lov this article KellyK so true with the orange lip thing

Love these colors!!!

I'm sticking with my fav shade of red! I am pale so a bold lip looks outstanding on me!

Bold colors really grab one's attention.

Willing to try new shades of lippies.

I love my red lips& tanned red finger nails! I use a lil metallic shimmer over my lipstick to pour my pucker.

I have 2 purple lipsticks. One is metallic and the other is more of a tint than a pop of color like that...I'm pretty dark complected. Think I can pull it off?

Bright yellow. Aqua. Blue. Willing to try.

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