8 Thoughtful Tips on How to Find the Best Foundation Color for You ...


Have you ever wanted to learn how to find foundation color perfect for your skin? If you’re like me and you’re tired of thinking you found your perfect color match only to find that it doesn’t match at all, keep reading below! I’ve been through so many bottles of foundation and while it looks great on the shelf or swatched on my cheek, it’s far from flattering when I use it again! Let’s stop this maddening cycle of mismatched makeup together with these handy tips!

1. Finish

The first tip in how to find foundation color is to choose a formula. What type of skin do you have? What do you want your foundation to do? Do you like long-wearing formulas with medium coverage or do you like light and sheer coverage? Think about how your skin behaves and what you’d like out of your foundation.

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