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7 Splendid Scene Makeup Looks to Try ...

By Heather

Scene makeup looks are super in right now girls, especially if you are in high school! If you're looking for a way to spice up your look a little bit or if you want to come up with some scene makeup looks that work for you, I've got 'em. I've got everything from preppy to Lady Gaga all the way to punk. Are you ready to see what makeup looks you can pull together?

1 Emo

One of the hottest scene makeup looks out there is emo makeup. Emo is in right now, girls, and for the emo look, it is all about the eyes, the hair and the colors. Whether you are adding on extra pink blush to give you that punk rock emo look or you are lining your eyes in a deep, thick winged linger – make sure to make 'em pop!

2 Gothic

This scene look was all mine when I was younger. I did everything from putting safety pins all over to my clothes to lining my eyes with super thick eyeliner. The key to Gothic makeup is making sure that it looks morbid, but not completely costume. You want your eyes to pop, you want a lot of dark and smoky colors and you want your lips to spark out and be bold.

3 Feminine

When you are trying to go with feminine makeup looks, I want you to think of Marilyn Monroe. She had it down with the bright red lips and the ivory skin. Less is more with this look, girls. You really want to make sure that you are slicking up your lips and making your eyes pop with a little bit of a smoky eye.

4 Punk

When you are really looking to make a splash with a scene makeup look, punk is the next look you should try! Punk is all about the bright colors and the bold lips. Neon colors and even some grunge in there is the greatest punk scene look. Also, girls, it's all about the eyes!

5 Preppy

When you are going preppy, you want to think of Clueless. How did little Alicia wear her makeup? It was all subtle, soft and didn't look like she was wearing anything at all – but she was. Preppy is not about over-doing it, but just about being understated.

6 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is all about the attention, girls. She is the celebrity that really wants you to notice her, so if you're trying to pull off the Lady Gaga makeup look, you've got to go so over the top. You don't just want to do your makeup either, you want to do your entire outfit. Whether you are wrapping yourself in lace or you are wearing meat (not really though), Lady Gaga is in right now!

7 Rainbow Bright

Finally, the last scene makeup look that we're going to discuss is the rainbow bright makeup look! This is all about the colors. I am talking about bright, bold and totally overdone! This is for the raves and for the kids that are really looking to stand out in the best way possible!

Finding the ideal scene makeup looks that work for you isn't always easy, but I can tell you, they are fun to try! So, which is your favorite scene look, girls?

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