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25 Unexpected Shades of Lipstick ...

By Lyndsie

I love coming across really bold, unexpected shades of lipstick. I can't pull off all the ones I love, and they aren't all practical to try, but every once in a while I'll stumble upon a new style or idea that I know would be perfect for me. I always have to try it! If you're looking for some truly unexpected shades of lipstick, I've got you covered!

1 Jawbreaker Inspired

Jawbreaker InspiredVia Plethera Of Paints.

I'm starting out with some unexpected shades of lipstick that really aren't practical for day to day life – or, rather, the design isn't really practical. But check out the green, the yellow, the violet – would you be willing to try one of those?

2 Pastel Perfection


There are plenty of pastel shades around these days, but they're still new enough that they're a bit unexpected on the daily. Wouldn't you love to rock a mint, or a creamy light lilac?

3 Ombre Style

Ombre StyleVia

Done subtly, this actually could be a day to day look, and there are even lipsticks to help you do it. For special occasions and fun parties, however, go bold – I love the pink and the galactic black, especially.

4 Silver and Gold

Silver and GoldVia Tea and Knickers for the ...

Girl, your kisses have teeth! But seriously, this is ideal as club or concert makeup.

5 Black and Gold

Black and GoldVia Multi

This is so chic. The matching manicure is just everything.

6 Gorgeous Gradient

Gorgeous GradientVia Lips

You can mix and match your own lipstick like this, as long as you use strong pigments. Heck, even your favorite eye shadow would work!

7 Sunset

SunsetVia Makeup

This is such a vibrant, pretty look! Even if you couldn't manage the yellow during the day, a mix of pink, coral, and red could easily work.

8 Black Lipstick

Black LipstickVia Fall 2013 Trend Alert: Black ...

Maybe it's a relic from my goth days, but I still adore black lipstick. It looks gorgeous against so many skin tones, and it's so dramatic!

9 Black Sparkles

Black SparklesVia emo/scene

If black is too much for you, think about adding a little sparkle. That's stunning!

10 Red and Black

Red and BlackVia The Make-up

A little ombre is the perfect way to wear black as well. This is an ideal look for a night on the town!

11 Space Age

Space AgeVia Holographic Space-age Lips!

Metallics are in and silver is in, so why not take it all the way to holographic?

12 Fuchsia


Fuchsia's actually quite popular, but only among a daring few. I urge you to be bold too!

13 Shades of Orange

Shades of OrangeVia dustysequin: I just painted my ...

Coral has long been popular, but orange is still a little unexpected – and that's a shame, because it's so fresh and fun.

14 Striped Perfection

Striped PerfectionVia rainbow

This would take a while, but it looks so neat! Would you have the patience?

15 Galactic Shimmer

Galactic ShimmerVia Sexy Lips

As you can see, I'm really into this mix of colors. It's just so stunning!

16 Bright Red

Bright RedVia 6 best makeup tricks you ...

This is almost orange red, and that's not a shade that gets a lot of play. In a world of dramatic red lips, wouldn't you love something a little brighter and fresher?

17 Royal Blue

Royal BlueVia 8 Indie Beauty Brands You ...

Bright blue is a hard color to pull off, but it's so pretty! This is a matte shade, and it looks so velvety.

18 Plum Perfection

Plum PerfectionVia Inspiration Gallery #007 – Photography ...

Purple is a little more commonplace, but I go crazy for dark shades so I just couldn't resist. This is so rich!

19 Hot Pink


This is actually a MAC shade where hot pink meets orchid, and I'm just in love.

20 Brit Bold

Brit BoldVia She was the only Brit ...

I couldn't resist this either. That just looks so fetch!

21 Like Lavender

Like LavenderVia Dare to Wear Blue Lipstick

This is a little purple, a little blue, and a lot gorgeous. I particularly love it with this model's eyes and smooth skin.

22 Barbie Ombre

Barbie OmbreVia Make-up

All shades of pink! And this is neat because the shading and blending are horizontal, not vertical.

23 Pink and Gold

Pink and GoldVia Technology Vista | We Understand ...

This would take some time and skill as well, but I just love pink with gold. Can you think of any cool variations on the color combination?

24 Rainbow Lipstick

Rainbow LipstickVia Indulgy - Everyone deserves a ...

Rainbows! She's got the right pose, because that lipstick is utterly kissable.

25 Leopard Love

Leopard LoveVia

What do you think? Would you ever?

From greens to yellows to lilacs, there are lots of other newer, unexpected shades. What's your favorite bold lipstick color?

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