8 Ways to save Money on Makeup ...


What girl doesn't love her makeup? Unfortunately, that means we often end up spending more than we should on makeup. Not anymore...thanks to Audrey's fabulous money saving tips. Thanks Audrey!

It can be really difficult not to get lost in the makeup aisles, not knowing how to spend your allowance or paycheck. Some of us want to look great in the best makeup brands, but it can be hard on a tight budget. That's why I'm here to give out some pointers on how to spend wisely!

1. Collect over Time

Instead of buying all the essentials at once, try buying a few things you want every week or two. This way you can build up a collection and you can easily explore different things. If you already know what you like, this can be a great way to try new makeup in small amounts.

Don't Always Go with the Cheapest Brands
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