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8 Ways to save Money on Makeup ...

By Audrey

What girl doesn't love her makeup? Unfortunately, that means we often end up spending more than we should on makeup. Not anymore...thanks to Audrey's fabulous money saving tips. Thanks Audrey!

It can be really difficult not to get lost in the makeup aisles, not knowing how to spend your allowance or paycheck. Some of us want to look great in the best makeup brands, but it can be hard on a tight budget. That's why I'm here to give out some pointers on how to spend wisely!

Table of contents:

  1. Collect over time
  2. Don't always go with the cheapest brands
  3. Know what brands are quality
  4. Know where to shop
  5. New items can be a gamble
  6. Limit your time in the makeup aisles
  7. Save money up
  8. Don't waste makeup

1 Collect over Time

Instead of buying all the essentials at once, try buying a few things you want every week or two. This way you can build up a collection and you can easily explore different things. If you already know what you like, this can be a great way to try new makeup in small amounts.

2 Don't Always Go with the Cheapest Brands

It's great to go with a brand that you love that's not too pricey. However, going with the cheapest brand just because its cheap isn't a good idea. Usually, the least expensive brand is not the kind of makeup you want for your face. I've had times when I hated a product so much, I just tossed it somewhere and never used it again. A lot of these products aren't worth any money at all. Go with brands that have items priced reasonably for their quality.

3 Know What Brands Are Quality

Earlier, I mentioned that you should use your money on decent-quality brands. What are those brands? E.L.F. is a great brand. They don't have the best quality, but it's not terrible and it's certainly worth the price! Most of their smaller items are $1. One of my very favorite brands is Maybelline New York. They have amazing products for a price that may be a little big, but SO worth it! Their products are unique and work well! If you test in small amounts, you can easily figure out your own favorite brands!

4 Know Where to Shop

You don't have to order from top-notch magazines or shop in pricey stores. Drug stores definitely have the best selection. And with so many choices! You can completely personalize your makeup collection!

5 New Items Can Be a Gamble

Sometimes I see an ad in a magazine or on the television and think that I have to have it. It will be some brand new super expensive mascara or lip color that I go and buy immediately. Sometimes I'm so happy I did, but sometimes it ends up being...not as great as it seemed in the ad...or it goes out of style in a month. So, be careful!

6 Limit Your Time in the Makeup Aisles

Don't spend a long time picking out tons of makeup. It's okay to take your time to choose wisely, but dont go crazy and buy everything you've ever wanted! If you limit the time you allow yourself in the beauty aisles, you're more likely to make smart decisions and only spend a little money on makeup.

7 Save Money up

A great way to buy some of the new items you can't quite afford is to save. Take a small amount of whatever money you get, and put it aside for your own products. This won't burn a hole in your pocket, it'll just be a subtle thing. You'll be surprised at how quickly it adds up!

8 Don't Waste Makeup

Makeup can be pretty expensive, so there's no need to pile on a gallon of foundation or apply lipgloss every two seconds (I'll admit to being guilty of this one!). Let your natural beauty shine through and only enhance it with makeup. Don't paint on a whole new face!

We can't always use all of our money on makeup, so we need to know how we can shop cheap and still look wonderful! It can be tricky to shop smart, but hopefully this has helped!

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