7 Pink Beauty Products for Your Makeup Bag ...


If you can’t get enough of the color pink, then you will love these pink beauty products.

I have compiled a list to help you be surrounded by the color throughout your day and your beauty routine.

I use and love each of these pink beauty products, and I think they will quickly become some of your favorites as well.2

1. The Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender

Out of all the pink beauty products, the Beauty Blender just might be my favorite.2

The Beauty Blender has been my #1 makeup bag must-have since I first got my hands on one.

The Beauty Blender is the first ever ergonomically designed makeup sponge.

You can reuse your Beauty Blender again and again;

just make sure you clean it after each use.

You can use their special cleaner, the blendercleanser, or simply use your favorite antibacterial dish soap.2

The sponge is designed to make applying your foundation easier, all while guaranteeing a smooth and even application.

To maximize the effects of this pink beauty product, get the sponge wet before use.

I promise you this sponge will save you money on your makeup.

You can use the Beauty Blender with cream, liquid, mineral, and powder cosmetics.

The pointed tip is perfect for applying concealer and eye shadow, and the rounded bottom makes putting on your base a breeze.2

You can get the Beauty Blender at sephora.com for $19.95.

And trust me, it’s worth it!

2. Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set – Tarina Tarantino

Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set – Tarina Tarantino
Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set – Tarina Tarantino

For those who don’t know who Tarina Tarantino is, she is a pink-haired jewelry and accessory designer who has ventured into the world of makeup.

I have used several of her products and they are simply wonderful.

One of my favorites is her Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set.

On her website, Tarina shares that the inspiration behind this set is her very own pink hair.

The set includes a synthetic powder brush that’s perfect if you use micronized powders, a synthetic pigment eye shadow brush that’s designed to pat pigments onto your eyelids, a natural smudge brush that can be used for an array of purposes, a synthetic liner brush that can be used wet or dry, and a natural crease brush that blends like a charm!

These are the brushes I use for my daily makeup routine and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

You can get your very own Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set at tarinatarantino.com for $69.

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