7 Must-have Multi-tasking Beauty Products for the Busy Holiday Season ...

The holidays are always a busy time so I thought it was the perfect time to introduce some multi-tasking beauty products to help make primping a breeze. Taking shortcuts while getting ready can be helpful, but if you’ve got a bag full of multi-tasking beauty products on your side, getting ready will be a walk in the park. Get your shopping lists ready, ladies!

1. Becca the One Perfecting Brush

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Part of the beauty of multi-tasking beauty products is that you have less stuff to haul around. Becca’s The One Perfecting Brush just might replace some of your makeup brushes, which is ideal for gals who travel frequently. This large brush promises to cut makeup application time in half by replacing 10 makeup brushes and tools. This soft, goat hair brush applies foundation, powder, blush, contour, bronzer and concealer all in one brush. Get yours for $49 at sephora.com.

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