7 Tips on How to Pull off Bold Lips ...


How to pull off bold lips after you’ve gotten them all conditioned, exfoliated and ready to get a seriously colorful makeover?

Well, that’s exactly where we’re at right now and, trust me, you don’t want to be skipping these steps!

Bold lip makeup is a trendy, sexy alternative to smoky eyes, it’s great for shaking things up and not at all hard to achieve.

Yup, pulling off dark lipstick will be a piece of cake as soon as you master these few easy tricks and learn how to pull off bold lips.

1. Always Prep

We all have our own tested and tried strategies, tips on how to pull off bold lips and little tricks that help us go from great to wow, but this one is the absolute must.2

It’s the brick and mortar, the cornerstone of perfect lip makeup and, as such, something you don’t want to be skipping at any cost.

Fear not, because it’s not rocket science!

In fact, it’s super easy!

All you’ll have to do is apply a concealer or a lip perfecting cream onto your lips and follow up with a foundation of choice.

Pat in an extra layer of your favorite concealing/perfecting product if needed and voila – you’re ready to move onto the next step!

2. Line like a Pro

Once you’ve gotten your lips all prepped and your natural lip line neutralized, you should use a lip liner to outline the area you’ll apply the lipstick on.

Use a color that matches your lipstick, drawing a perfect shape, correcting all that tiny flaws of your natural lip curve.

Use your natural lip line as guidance, trying to stay as close to it as possible, tracing the liner over, above or below the lip line depending on the effect you want to produce.

Once you’re done lining, fill in the lined area, using a lip liner to stain your lips so that the lipstick will hold longer.

Flawless Work Requires the Right Tools
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