9 Neon Lipstick Colors to Try ...

If you're getting bored with your regular old makeup look, why not spice it up with some neon lipstick colors? Neon is a surefire way to create a bold look. If you know how to work it, any color will look amazing on you, no matter how bright or vibrant! Give some of these neon lipstick colors a try!

1. Lime Crime's No She Didn't

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My absolute favorite of all neon lipstick colors! I just love the color blue, so finding a lipstick as bright as this one makes my day. The key to rocking this color is to keep your outfit minimalistic and the rest of your makeup very natural. A little mascara and eyeliner, and you're set! This lipstick can be purchased from limecrimemakeup.com for $15.99.

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