8 Awesome Lipsticks That Are Perfect for Work ...

I know it can be hard to showcase your brilliant personality when you’re trying on lipsticks for work. You have to have the right mix of subtlety, professionalism and personality. But fret not, ladies! I have compiled a list of 8 wonderful lipstick shades that will look utterly perfect. So here are my picks of lipsticks for work in 2013.

1. Mauve

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Mauve is a color that looks great on all shades of skin. It’s because of that reason that makes it so easy to blend well with most daytime outfits. This is especially so for work! Mauve definitely works well in spring, and summer too. Try using L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Lipcolour in Mauve. It’ll probably run you about $8.95! At such a low price and pretty shade, it’s no wonder it’s on the list for great lipsticks for work.

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