8 Totally Chic Nail Colors to Try for Winter ...

Chic Nail Colors For Winter this year are going strong and dark all the way! I myself have totally fallen in love with every shade of dark polish imaginable, up to and including black. However, since black is a very basic color, i've chosen not to include it in my list of totally chic nail colors for winter. I hope that you will feel brave enough to step out of the box this winter and try a few nail colors you wouldn't ordinarily wear. Let my list of chic nail colors for winter be an inspiration to you! Please keep reading for 8 fab and totally chic nail colors for winter!

1. Deep Purple

Deep purple is probably one of my all #time favorite chic nail colors for winter. This color just seems to go with so many outfits and there are tons of different variations on the color purple. I know if you give this one a try you will love it!