8 Neat Ways to Decorate Your Nails ...


8 Neat Ways to Decorate Your Nails ...
8 Neat Ways to Decorate Your Nails ...

Nail art is getting really popular. Some girls get it on their actual nails while others opt for acrylics. Either way, there are a number of different designs and styles you can use to spice up your fingernails. Some of them are way out there, but a lot of them are really pretty. See which options you like out of these 8 neat ways to decorate your nails!

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French Tips

French tips are enormously popular – they have always been a classy look but they're seeing an increase in popularity thanks to new, modern twists. There are innovations on the classic white tip, and those white tips are being replaced with some gorgeous colors as well.



Decals make it easy to give your nails some really great designs right at home, although you can get them at a salon as well. To save some money, however, you can find decals you like – or several of them. It's easy to apply them to your fingernails yourself, and you can make them last longer by putting on a coat of clear nail polish after you've applied them.



Sometimes, you don't need a lot to pull off a neat nail design. Lots of times, glitter will do the trick. You don't even need a glitter polish, you can buy a subtler glitter dust or powder. All you can to do then is sprinkle it over your nails while they are still wet. Then, again, put on some clear polish. There are also fake nails with glitter imbedded in them, by the way.



There are tons of synthetic gemstones that are made to go on your fingernails. You can even get kits if you want to do this yourself. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, and can create a really dazzling look. In fact, it's kind of like BeDazzling your nails!



Charms are a little different from gems. Typically, they tend to look like little earrings, and many of them actual have posts, while others dangle down. This option should be done at a salon, because special tools are necessary. For instance, with a post charm, you actually have to have a hole drilled through the top of your fingernail.


Floral Patterns

A lot of girls are getting floral designs on their nails. Some of them are decals but others are actually raised flowers that look real. These are by and large really beautiful designs, and they are incredibly feminine. Some of them make an excellent choice for events like weddings and proms.


Air Brushing

Yep, even your nails can get air brushed! Again, it's best if you get a nail technician to do this, in no small part because this is a really artistic option. The design or the picture gets painted right on your nails, so you need someone who has an eye for detail.


Crazy Patterns

Finally, from polka dots to plaid designs, crazy patterns are totally in right now. They can be done in a variety of ways. In fact, thanks to the vast number of nail polishes, pens, sticks, and so on, it's actually easy to do this yourself – as long as you have a steady hand!

Of course, before any of this, you have to make sure your nails are in good shape. And you need to outweigh pros, cons, and potential damages before making a decision of what to get. That being said, how do you like to decorate your nails?

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