7 Dangerous Chemicals Found in Your Makeup Bag ...

We eat chemicals and breathe chemicals but did you know that we also willingly apply them to our faces? They can be found in our mascaras, eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks! Don’t shake your heads ladies because buying expensive, branded products doesn’t get you off the hook either. These chemicals are commonly used in the cosmetic industry and the only way to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth is to know more about them. So, here are 7 chemicals the list of ingredients shouldn’t contain:

1. Parabens

Check your eye shadows first, I’m sure you’ll find at least one that contains this toxic, potentially cancerogenous chemical. Parabens are a very common ingredient of cosmetics today as they help extend the product’s shelf-life. Unfortunately, they don’t do our face or bodies any good! You see, Parabens can cause allergies, rashes and are even suspected of causing breast cancer!