7 Fruity Lip Glosses from Philosophy ...

I love Philosophy’s super-glossy lip shines more than I love tacos… and that’s really saying something. They’re incredibly lush and shiny, as the name “lip shine” implies, and this spring, they’re released a slew of new scents/flavors I can’t wait to try… my shopping cart is loaded and my debit card is ready to go! Here are 7 fruity new lip glosses from Philosophy!

1. Philosophy Orange Jelly Bean Lip Shine

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Price: $10.00 at philosophy.com
Indulge your sweet tooth without consuming a single calorie with this lip shine! It has the same sweet-smelling orange jelly bean scent you love, in a lush lip gloss. It hydrates and protects your pucker, making your lips kiss-ably soft… and it may even cure your sweet tooth… it’s a sweet-smelling guilt-free spring-time indulgence!

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